Candid Pervert (Beige Voluptuous)

Published on 11 Jun 2024 / In Candid Street

A quickie this time.
Caught her out and about with her girlfriends going to the mall. Stylish as always.
I think that beige dress fits her very well and it highlights her feminine curves and awesome tits. I would love to play with them.
New slings to the collection just a cherry on top ;)

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carlosky 22 days ago

THanks Timmy! She is a very nice lady!

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MUDE70 1 month ago

Shoes are still nice but starting to be, time by time, only "normal" business shoes and no more amazing like wooden clogs she wore in the past - this means she's suffering feet pain?

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TimmyGreen 1 month ago

Yes, unfortunately we are never going to be younger... you also noticed she doesn't use her extra high wooden mules for everyday walking. She changed them to wedges a long time ago. But she still has her "moments". I also heard some time ago she had an accident at work and she fell and broke her arm, as I imagine wearing some ridiculously high heels. Since then she is a bit more careful about what she puts on her beautiful feet. She is locally known to wear this kind of shoes and people sometimes don't understand it. Even admire her skill.

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