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Candid Pervert (Hide & Shoot)

Published on 07 Nov 2020 / In Candid Street

Here's a piece from the early days. Here she wears some platform mules which are almost identical to the ones with the black top. Yes she has two pairs of those :D I got inceribly lucky to live next to this attention seeking MILF. Few factors added together allowed me to film many videos:
1. Location: She lived right next door, with a parking lot right in front of the entrance door to her apartment. That made it very easy to park my car there and just wait for my prey to walk by.
2. Habits and patterns: She regurarly walks her dog around the block. After some time I learned about her movements very easily - first walk at 9 AM, second before lunch, third around 2 PM and the last one around 6 PM.
3. The Mall: Oh how grateful I am for the local mall. Every weekend and sometimes during the week she goes to the mall. And boy, does she go there with a style :D She takes the sexiest pieces from her closet, wears some luxurious heels, slips some sexy panties under her tight dress and off she goes - the best videos in my collection are the ones where she goes to the mall or to take care of some errands.
4. My obsession: Yes I was and in some extend still am obsessed by her. Often I choose to watch some of my old videos of her instead of porn. You could say I was in love with her - often fantasizing about sexually exploiting her. Write me a message and we could fantasize together!
Fun fact: the segment from 5:20 I call the "frontal look", I have few of those in my collection.

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maxe1 7 months ago

And again a big thanx to you

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