Candid Pervert (The Heat-wave)

Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In Candid Street

Hi y'all this is my first direct contributuin to this website. It looks like we're all lovers of women's feet, shoes and legs - as it just happens, I have a big collection of videos that I would like to share with you. What you are about to see is all unscripted (and sometimes it really does't look like it). Comments are very appreciated.
In the next video I shall talk about how it all began. Stay tuned.
Fun fact: One of the very few vids i have where she wears no bra.

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maxe1 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing,looking forward to your next vids

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steven 4 years ago

cool but the white Slingbacks do her justice

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TimmyGreen 4 years ago

Patience ;)

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