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Drving in Wedges - Never trust the Fiat Uno

Published on 09 Sep 2019 / In youtube import

Miss Amy is ready to go to work and she's late, as usual! But her old Fiat has other ideas and it sounds very reluctant to start. After a few failed attempts she tries to remain calm, she doesn't want to flood the engine so she sits back, crosses her right leg over left allowing her mule to dangle from her foot.

What follows is several minutes of cranking and shoe play, Miss Amy tries with her shoes on and with her bare nylon covered feet. The engine just will not start for this Italian Mistress, she tries to remain calm but you can sense the frustration growing and soon she is begging the car and hitting the steering wheel in anger.

The battery is getting weaker and weaker and she realizes that she is not going anywhere in this damned car!

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