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Gaborgirlstube Street Candid - 2 Lady in High Heels do some "Comfort Shoe Shopping"

Published on 16 Jul 2022 / In Candid Street

Little Story telling - as you can see the Blonde cant walk in these Stiletto High Heels - very tipsy walk and she decided to get some "comfort Shoes" - well i was lucky to get the complete set with the new shoes too.

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Fireyfox 1 year ago

Black skirt lady had a ridiculous walk in her heels and looked frumpy in her flatter shoes. Orange skirt went for some more modest platform sandals and produced smooth, confident walk throughout. Definitely some lessons to be learned by black skirt!

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lallamaverde 1 year ago

Amazing, thanks for sharing. The "comfort shoes" were not bad at all

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Holyroman 1 year ago

Wow! What a video! Shame she changed the shoes but amazing subject and shooting!

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