Hot blond model with sexy high heels is an exciting eye candy

Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In youtube import

This hot blond model tries everything to look good in her sexy high heels with platform! What an exciting eye candy. But to be honest, she does not have to try hard! Peep toes and a fantastic model from Ukraine.

An old factory setting somewhere in Ukraine. A small road that is perfectly made for walking in high heels. Watch her in 15 cm high heels for the first time and how she kneels down to find some gagdet in her bag. Scan the perfect combination of dark and fair colors of the outfit. And don't forget to admire the nature. As usual the high heels sound is intact in this video for your reference.

This are luxurious high heels. They have a platform that can never found anywhere else. Look how these shoes sparkle in the sun. In contrary to the robust platform the heel is elegant and petite. Made from original and best leather available.

Fair har at shoulder length, aviator sun glasses, a white standard shirt with black stripes and a dark green mini skirt with black pantyhose. And last but not least a black mini bag. This model is from Ukraine, and she is definitely hot.

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