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Lola Astanova, The Chopin Project (short dresses and high heels)

Published on 21 Oct 2019 / In Film & Animation

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Famous concert pianist Lola Astanova playing 12 Chopin pieces while wearing different sexy dresses and shoes. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ONE !
1- Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Brillante : short black dress and black high heels (0:00)
2- Ballade n°1 in G minor : skimpy red dress and purple high heels (1:00)
3- Ballade n°4 in F minor : beige low cut dress and matching high heels (2:00)
4- Etude op 25 n°5 : transparent black dress and beige high heels with golden strap (2:59)
5- Fantasie-Impromptu in C sharp minor : black fitted top and black mouling pants (3:59)
6- Piano Concerto n°1 in E minor : pastel green dress and golden open high heels (4:59)
7- Piano Concerto n°2 in F minor : red dress and beige high heels (5:55)
8- Piano Sonata n°2 in B-flat minor : black lace dress and black tight pants (6:53)
9- Revolutionary Etude : golden mini dress and golden high heels (7:52)
10- Scherzo n°2 : beige skinny top and black tight pants (8:48)
11- Scherzo n°2 : black and silver sparkling mini dress (9:42)
12- Waltz op 64 n°2 : shiny black dress with a golden high waist belt and black boots (10:42)

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