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NEW High Heels Clogs

Published on 09 May 2019 / In youtube import

NEW High Heels Clogs

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TimmyGreen 6 months ago

Good old quality from Italy. I have a confession. After I disovered this brand of shoes I always wanted to somehow "convince" my neighbour (who is a lover of fashionable high heels and clogs) to buy these but I just couldn't give her a pair or walk up to her and say: "Hey you should buy some Kiara shoes, they would look great on your sexy feet". So I had this plan :D to make a flyer with Kiara shoes ad, I made it look like it's original. Then I would put it in her mail box and hope for the best. But I moved away so I never did. Anyway if it would happend it would be the bomb. But I was very lucky with one pair of her clogs - let's just say I had a close encounter with them ;) I'm planning to upload a video about it.

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