Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?

Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decid..

Why Russian Women Prefer to Wear Stilettos?


Everyone knows that Russian women are beautiful and take fashion very seriously. It is not unusual that they dress up as if they were going to a gala dinner in the Kremlin, but in fact they just decided to drop by the shops. High heels are a clear favorite, so Russian women can be seen in them walking even on icy sidewalks – but why do they do it? The West seems convinced that this is being done to attract the attention of men. But is this judgement true? So why do Russian women really prefer high heels and stilettos?


For your information; no, they wear high heels not to impress men. Russian women are so used to wearing these types of shoes, When the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo developed a pair of shoes for Marilyn Monroe for the film “Some Like It Hot”, he probably did not expect his work to become so popular in Russia. These are the legit reasons:

1. Stiletto heels make walking better

Women in Russia love stilettos because they improve posture, gait and affect walking speed. If there is no ice, they say that they really don’t feel any difference when wearing heels indoors or outdoors. They can wear high heels several times in a week, if not every day.


Of course, a woman needs to learn how to wear elegant heels, like any other accessory. Sometimes you can see girls who walk in very high stilettos, and they look like grasshoppers. They suffer, and there is nothing beautiful about it. Sacrificing comfort for looks is definitely not worth it. So, there are many Russian women who actually don’t find stilettos nice to wear and decide not not to be bothered by them either. Also, physiologically, wearing high heels all day long is not right.

2. High heels give confidence

Various studies claim that women in high heels are more attractive. Some Russian women admit they wear heels to look more elegant. After many years, they have got used to them and feel absolutely comfortable when walking in them and even when driving a car.


Some of these women used to wear high heels all the time: even when it was cold. Ones with weight problem felt that the heels made them look slimmer and the legs seem longer. But some of them said they have given up the heels due to how much walking they have to do in day, not to mention jobs with high mobility. High heels are definitely not for these kinds of activities. Besides, there are more than pair of stilettos to help a woman with her confidence.

3. Women in heels seem more appealing

Various studies claim that women wearing high heels have a sexual walk and are more attractive. Most Russian men approve their significant others of wearing their heels, but only if they feel comfortable. Without a doubt, a woman in high heels is more attractive if her shoes do not look massive. But, of course, the discomfort of wearing heels can ruin the mood of a girl, and her suffering is visible on her face. This neutralizes the positive effect of her heels. A woman can always be attractive without heels, and femininity has nothing to do with the shoes.


4. The higher the heels, the higher the social position

Clearly, this can’t be set as a standard – just a common fact. Women shoes sales would testify to this, not to mention there is a history background to it. History shows that high heels were indeed a sign of wealth. Starting from the 14th century cork platform (called “chopins”), worn on top of shoes and reaching 70 centimeters in height, and to such thin studs women could only move in small steps, leaning to maintain balance, on special canes (Madame Pompadour). The high platform protected the feet from dirt and all side effects of the overflowing sewage. It still works: tall shoes invite more respect. A professor at the University of Wroclaw, Boguslaw Pawlowski, who studies the topic of the attractiveness of the human body, believes that the secret lies in the ratio of the length of the legs to the chest: the longer the legs, the higher the attractiveness of the potential partner. Curious, that if for some reason the legs are too long, the attractiveness is reduced, because it causes hidden associations with susceptibility to disease or with some kind of disturbance in the body. So the professor sees the popularity of stilettos in the field of biology, not sociology.

5. High heels give the sense of security


Designer Christian Louboutin gave an interview to the founder of the online boutique Aizel Aisel Trudel. The fashion designer and businesswoman talked about fashion, collaboration with the Bolshoi Theater, plans, as well as love for Moscow and Russia. During the conversation, Aysel noted that Russia is one of the few countries where girls still wear uncomfortable high-heeled shoes and thin stilettos. After that, she asked Christian’s opinion on this matter.

Louboutin replied that Russian women are individual and when in such shoes they feel more confident. They are peculiarly helpless and individually feminine. High heels become a tool of confidence. For some people it’s a tool of strength, said Christian Louboutin. Self-confidence gives Russian women a sense of security, he added.

Just like Russian men, the Russian women also have stereotypes dropped upon them. One of the points is how they always need to look fashionable in stilettos and short skirts, also how they would sacrifice their self-convenience just to look good in public. Many real Russian women will debunk this theory, although they won’t go against the fact that high heels are indeed popular among their fellow ladies in the country. However, just like any other preferences, stilettos are not the only type of shoes Russian women would wear.

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