Candid Pervert (Silver Pointed Toe Mules)

Published on 16 May 2024 / In Candid Street

Here she goes again!
I've been visiting my hometown, just cruising around, waiting to get lucky...
...and boy, did I get lucky...
I could see her bright red hair from a distance - I love this light colour, she had it many years ago when I started filming her (f. e. Close Encounter).
When I passed her I noticed she had some metallic shiny high heels, but I thought they were just some stilettos but then when I got closer, took out the camera and zoomed in... I knew this would be a good one.

I followed her a bit. It really looked like she walks in circles through the same streets - almost like she would be testing these mules or something. Or maybe she wanted to show off for you guys. Well what do you think?

She definetly noticed me a couple of times, she already knows my car, so it was even harder (no pun intended). At one point when I drove ahead of her to get some face shots I parked too close and shee looked straight at me - I was just pretending to do something with my car. She just slowly walked pass me and I just said fuck it and stepped behind her on the sidewalk.. followed her a bit.

NOTICE: please excuse my shaky camera at some parts of this CP vid especially when I was out of the car - I couldn't just place the tripod on the ground...

Enjoy you pervs ;)

PS: I think she is going through menopause, did you notice her tits? :O

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Marius 24 days ago

Great hot chick, thanks

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Visione 25 days ago

Tommy you are the best

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carlosky 26 days ago

Welcome back Timmy and thanks!!!

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MUDE70 27 days ago

Finally she's back! Love her shoes...

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Patera_Silk 27 days ago

Damn! Too bad she didn't have these mules that one time in your apartment...

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TimmyGreen 27 days ago

I think these are new.

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