Driving in Mules - Tragicomic trip to the fast food drive thru

Published on 09 Sep 2019 / In youtube import

Miss Amy today wants to go in the drive-thru whith her old Fiat Panda. The car starts correctly and Amy begins to drive in town but …. the traffic is heavy and, as you all know, Miss Amy is not very good in driving manual transmission cars!
She doesn’t control properly the pedals and at the traffic lights … the car stalls!

And this happens again and again because she is mistaken in gears , she brakes too hard, and the car stops!

Finally she arrives at destination, now … it’s time to enjoy a delicious hamburger!

She orders the menu and drive to next wicket, she pays, get what she wants, she’s ready to go but the car … stalls, again!

Once restarted, she has to find a parking spot …. Another big trouble !!

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