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Extreme 6 Inch Mules at the Supermarket

Published on 22 Aug 2019 / In youtube import

Fast forward to:
0:00 Putting the shoes on
0:39 Going down the stairs
0:47 Getting off the car
1:28 Entering the supermarket
1:46 3:18 Long closeups of my shoes
3:00 Crossing another customer
3:50 Paying and leaving
4:10 Legs crossed in the car
4:19 Walking from the car to the bench
4:35 Various close ups of my shoes
5:19 Walking back to the car

A couple of weeks ago, I was dared to go out in public with a pair of REALLY extreme heels, and by that I mean no platform and a extra high heel. Something almost impossible to walk, basically. I was told that my other shoes are too easy to walk with...

Well, as I always say, everyone can wear them in the living room, right? So of course I had to show I could do that!

Since we already had a short business trip out of the country planned, I got a pair of 5.8 inches high black mules, which are now among my favorites, and decided to leave the house in them! No chance for second thoughts... :)

As you can see, these shoes have no platform at all, and almost force you on your tiptoes... Not easy, not easy at all, especially the first minutes :-)

After our errands were done (which luckily didn't require me to stand that long :-)), on the way home, we stopped in a nice grocery shop along the highway, in a small village, and took this video. It was actually so nice there, that after shopping I decided to keep my heels on and go for a walk in a small park next to the shop, instead of getting back on the highway right away... You know, just to prove my point. :-)

But I have to admit... After a FULL DAY in them, I was pretty exhausted. Thank god I spent most of the time in the car... :-)

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perter 3 years ago

its says the video is restricted by youtube. can you re-upload it?

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steven 3 years ago

the problem is that all youtube imports a just mirrored - to the video file is still on YT - due to YT admin idiots all High-Heel Material is "age restricted" or "censored" - you can see my protest against it here ->

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steven 3 years ago

the only solution is to download from youtube and upload here - thats alot of fun for 1-2 weeks - volunteers welcome ;-)

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